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StyleMeDivine™ is the only international styling agency to offer their students the opportunity to train as a fashion stylist and the option to join a highly renowned brand, all whilst building their very own styling business.

Our philosophy is simple: affordable and accessible styling for all. Whether that’s an eBook to inspire, build on knowledge with the 7-Step Styling Formula™ (7SSF) workshop, take a masterclass or check-in with the coolest community of fashionistas with the inner circle card, take that stiletto step forward and sign up with our stylish family.

  • Personal Shopping
    From eBooks, to online training, tailored workshops or masterclasses, we offer practical and viable learning solutions to meet your aspirational desires.
  • Super Stylist
    Train as a Super Stylist with the StyleMeDivine™ business academy and you will open the door to your very own one stop shop styling business. Welcome to your business blueprint for styling success.
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