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7-Step Styling Formula One Day MasterClass

7ssf-masterclassThe 7SSF Masterclass is the definitive guide from Kelly Lundberg, Style Director and founder of StyleMeDivine™ the leading Styling Agency based in Dubai.

It enables stylists and aspiring stylists looking to further develop their confidence in certain aspects of the art of styling as well as the practical and theoretical knowledge of how to either be part of or set up and run a successful styling business.

Style & Business Impact

This one day masterclass is a short, intensive capsule of topics; it enables Kelly to share her styling secrets and expert business knowledge in a condensed one-on-one format for those who cannot commit to the full four day intensive workshop or who have missed the current dates.

Each masterclass is tailored specifically to your styling and business needs and work best for those looking to concentrate on specific focal areas. You will have the unique opportunity to preselect up to a maximum of three topics from the highly successful modular 7-Step Styling Formula (7SSF).

Choices are outlined below:

Step 1 – Niche, Niche, Niche

Determine the kind of stylist you want to be, how to define your niche, create your unique story, what makes you unique as a stylist and design your elevator pitch.

Step 2 – Run a business NOT a hobby

What makes a suitable business name, how to create your business plan, how and where to build your clients and how to balance the books.

Step 3 – Becoming the best and having confidence in your abilities

Understanding what is style and image, how to quickly assess a client’s style personality, types of body shape and how color influences purchases, the impact of accessorizing a crucial element to the styling process and men’s styling.

Step 4 & 5 – Marketing, launching & getting paid

Creating a foundation and how to launch your business, how to write a press release, effective use of social media, where to market your business, and strategies suitable to determine fee structure for client services.

Step 6 – The Big Day, personal presentation, practical consultation and interview strategy

Essential client preparation, what questions to ask during a consultation/styling session and why.

Step 7, Lights Camera Action

The different types of styling roles within the fashion industry, and how to present yourself and your style strategies in public.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the masterclass you will:

What’s Included

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