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Dubai World Cup Fashion Tips

 Dubai World Cup // Fashion on the Field



Races Small Res KellySpring is a busy time for all our stylists at StyleMeDivine, from an afternoon at the polo, the races, the warmer weather and weekends away, what will I wear?  becomes a frequent question asked at the wardrobe doors… with just a few days left before the Dubai World Cup fashion and fascinators are this weeks blogs hot topic.  Here are here are my top fashion tips to make sure you are ‘heads above’ everyone else.

1. Daytime Appropriate
Dress up not down! The Dubai World Cup is a prestigious event and attracts a huge international audience. It is showcased around the world. Think classy, sophisticated and head to toe style. If in any doubt check out previous winners from the renowned Jaguars Style Stakes.

DWC Natalia DWC 2


2. Wear comfortable shoes – if you are intending to step out in new shoes make sure you have at least worn them in, wear them around the house with a pair of socks. Might not be the most elegant look but if you have to stand around at an event for a long period of time maybe in the heat you will know that your shoes (and feet) will stand the test of time.

3. Have your make up applied professionally – a makeup artist is skilled and knows how to bring out your best features, it will last longer and will give a more polished look.   To make sure your look is brought together take your dress, a piece of fabric from your dress or a picture of it as this will help the makeup artist style your finished look.

4. Avoid over overmatching – gone are those days the secret to a super stylish look is to co-ordinate rather than match. Be careful about adding in lots of accessories just for the sake of it, as this is never a good idea as your accessories can often say more about you than your clothes do! Remember “less is more’.

DWC fashion

5. Hat or Not – a headpiece is the perfect opportunity for ladies to make a statement, make sure that your choice compliments your dress. If you are opting for a hat rather than a fascinator, remember dark brimmed hats cast a shadow across the face; photo opportunities will look better if you opt for a lighter color. Whilst we are unlikely to experience high winds here in Dubai, no one wants to be competing with horses running down the track so secure headwear, either with a hatpin or an elastic loop hidden in your hair.


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