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How many hours does a session take?

A closet detox will always depend on the how much clothes you have (Kelly once spent 9 with one client, this is rare though). Generally speaking allow between 1-2 hours. For personal shopping and styling allow on average 3-4 hours.

Who should book a Stylist?

Everyone! Our client base is varied and depends very much on individual needs. We live in a fast-paced environment and often take very little time to think seriously about what to wear and if it suits body shape, style personality or lifestyle needs. Our stylists are trained to give you professional one-on-one advice and guidance on the style choices that will work best for you. They will ensure smarter, quicker choices and guarantee that you will save time and money.

What kind of budget do I need to have?

We work with all budgets; it largely depends on what you are buying. Our stylists are trained to work with all brands, stores and boutiques. We love high street fashion as much as couture and can mix up and match with ease. Generally speaking AW tends to attract the need for a higher budget due to the nature of fabrics and cuts; SS less so. It’s all about educating our clients about both seasons and style, so don’t worry. To make the most of the session and our time together we do suggest a budget of AED 3,000 – AED 10,000 and more if you want to focus the majority on designer wear.

Can I bring a friend/spouse?

Of course, however they can prove to be more of a distraction. If you are serious about finding your true style and dressing to suit your personality, look to your stylist with a fresh pair of eyes. It’s their expertise you are paying for.

What can I expect from a StyleMeDivine™ styling experience?

Fun and lots of it! A home closet detox will leave you feeling light and inspired, before you receive a set of style goals to build up your newly defined look. When shopping, you will be trying out clothing from a variety of stores. Our stylists will cover everything from clothing to accessories and shoes, taking carefully into account stores and those hidden little gems that cater for your budget and lifestyle. For those looking to be red carpet ready this requires an extra sprinkling of fairy dust, so our stylists will need to know your exact event requirements. Where we are not working in a client’s home we will always arrange a meet and greet on the day and prior to shopping at a mutually suitable location in the mall of choice.

What’s expected of me?

StyleMeDivine™ stylists are skilled and accomplished “black belts” in style and can quickly and confidently identify your body shape and style personality. They will need the basics like your age, height and size. Information about your job and lifestyle always form an important part of the styling process. It also helps to understand your budget parameters, your likes and dislikes. Some clients bring with them a favourite piece of clothing or some pictures of current style; we leave this entirely up to each client’s preference. All information provided is kept strictly confidential.

What should I wear?

Items that are easy to take on and off, and comfy shoes without laces.

What is the accepted method of payment?

Bank transfer, cash or personal cheques are both acceptable. Payment is always expected before services are provided. Special exceptions may apply to pay on the day with cash or by credit card. If paying by cheques, we will schedule your appointment as soon as the payment clears. Payment by credit card can only take place in person. You’ll receive detailed invoicing for every service provided.