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Grow Your Fashion Styling Business Fast!

Do you want to grow your fashion styling business fast,   learn how to kick-start your styling career? Grow a sustainable styling business? Or perhaps you are already styling but want to take your income and impact to the next level?

I made so many mistakes when I started and it took me a long time to build a regular income…….. I wish I’d had some expert advice!

Kelly Webinar
That’s why I am sharing with those who really want to grow their fashion styling business fast weekly webinars. I’m going to share with you what I did wrong and what I did right so that you can get results as quickly as possible without making all the mistakes that I did.

You’ll Learn

• That being a personal stylist is so much more than just choosing clothes
• Common mistakes stylists make when they first launch (so you wont have to)
• The secret to making your passion profitable
• How to create a model that will give you a regular monthly income
• How to attract to the type of clients who you truly want to work with

When I started, I wish I’d had a support network of people on the same journey as me and I wish I’d had access to expert advice.

I come across so many stylists who are so talented but just need the guidance to make a profitable business from what they do.

This is why I’m now giving back and offering the support I once wished I’d had.

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Wednesday 9th August

Thursday 17th August 

Sunday 27th August 

Wednesday 6th September

Tuesday 12th September 

Wednesday 27th September 

Wednesday 4th October 

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Divine Wishes

Kelly & The StyleMeDivine Team Xx

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