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How To Declutter Your Wardrobe


Are you excited by the prospect of new season arrivals? Is your closet bulging from a seasonal over access binging at the end of year sales?

Perhaps like us it was hard to resist those year end bargains and now you are faced with a style dilemma, no wear to hang your purchases and struggling how just to reconfigure your new purchases with what already lurks inside those hidden recesses.

A closet detox may just the tonic that you need, let’s face it we all need a little style inspiration from time to time so why not take stock now and rethink is your closet working for you?   Kelly recently released great tips for British Mums Dubai check it out and find out how you can save time and create a new look from your existing wardrobe.

But we get that sometimes you just need to call in an expert…not just for the uber-fashionable a closet detox with one of our stylists will be invaluable and proved to be a long-term investment. Their honest input, advice and sharp eye will weed out what works and what doesn’t, they will instill a renewed confidence in what to wear and how to style by sharing their expertise.

Your stylist will help you to rearrange your wardrobe, save you time and hassle and completely remove any doubt about how to style. They will make sure what you have hanging in your closet are the clothes you love and want to wear. In the long term they will save you money with their savvy style tips that enable you to make the right style choices that are fit not only your style personality but your lifestyle too.

Ready to take the next step and looking for your very own closet detox contact the team at we are taking bookings now.


Style tip: for your very own style inspo create a look book; take selfies to remember how outfit’s pair together for future wear

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